Introducing my grandson: Tyson Clifford Starks

Tyson Clifford Starks

Is my first grandson and yes I am in love. Clifford and Sonia brought this precious little man came into the world on August 29th at 6 lbs and 10 oz.  The slide show is of Tyson and the family. I remember my mother saying when she held her first grandchild “nothing comes close to this” and she was right. This little man has stolen my heart.

We have waited to share real photos of Tyson because of a beautiful Navajo tradition. The first laugh of a Navajo child is a very significant event. It marks the child’s final passing from the spirit world to the physical world, meaning he or she is now fully human and present with us.  

Welcome to the family Tyson, we love you.

Family is everything

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