Featured Tracks Playlist November 2023

Hello, I’m R. E. Fort and welcome back to this month’s Featured Tracks Playlist for November 2023 post. This playlist has four great tracks: Living in Strange Times, For all the Good Times, All I Need is in Your Eyes and Just Stay. To find this playlist for YouTube, YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, and Amazon Music, I have created links to each and added them to this post and on my website at refort.co/playlist or you can find them on my page at each one of those sites. Let’s get to the playlist.

Starting off this month’s playlist is title track from the CD Living in Strange Times. This Blues track has such a cool smooth jazz vibe to it. The track is written in the time signature of 6/8 and I am playing my Fender Acoustic electric for the melody and my Fender Stratocaster for the solo. The keyboard melody is played using a Fender Rhodes sound and I use a Grand piano sound for the chords. I love the bass guitar on this track along with the killer solo at the end of the track. Let’s give Living in Strange Times a listen.  

Next up is For all the Good Times. Now I know that I used this track in last month’s playlist but what can I say, I really like this track. This track is a conversation between the guitar and keyboards. I really love the bass guitar work on this one and how it sets the rules for the conversation. While the piano and the guitar talk back and forth. On this track I played the piano chords, using a Fender Rhodes piano sound. For the keyboard melody I’m using a Grand Piano sound. I played the guitar melody and solo on my Gibson SG; the guitar chords I played on my Fender Acoustic electric. Let’s give For all the Good Times a listen.  

Next up is the beautiful ballad All I Need is in Your Eyes. I love ballads or love songs, there’s just something about the format and the feel of these songs that I find myself always writing them. In this one, I used a grand piano sound for the chords with soft rising strings. The melody was played using a Fender Rhodes piano sound and my Gibson SG. When comes time for me to name a track, I spend a lot of time listening to the track. Listening to what the song is telling me.  On this one I kept hearing “All I need to survive, is in your eyes”. Let’s give All I Need is in Your Eyes a listen.

The last track on November’s playlist is Just Stay. This track is one of my favorites. In this big power ballad, I start the track off very simply with nothing but a piano, soft strings and bass guitar, but this track really builds to a crescendo of strings, horns, and a killer guitar solo at the end. On this track the grand piano sound is playing an alternate melody while the Fender Rhodes piano sound plays the chords. I use my Ibanez Hollow Body guitar for the main melody. I am playing my Gibson SG for that killer solo at the end.  This track is just awesome. Let’s give Just Stay a listen.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this episode and get a chance to listen to the full tracks on either my YouTube, YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, and Amazon Music, sites. Remember you can find links to those sites’ playlists on my website refort.co/playlist. The music opening and closing this podcast is the track named So Cool from my cd 10. Thanks for listening and as always, Without Music, Life Has No Soul.

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Without Music, Life Has No Soul

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