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Hello fellow readers, I’m R. E. Fort and welcome back to my podcast and this episode of Book Reviews. In this review, I’m covering one of my favorite writers and a book I’ve been waiting to read for a while now, Deception Point by Dan Brown. Let’s get to the review. 

Podcast – Book Review – Deception Point – Life On The Other Side

This book was first released back in 2002 but it was not available in English through Kindle until recently, at least from what I can tell. One thing I love about Dan Brown books is the attention to detail in character development and the details he puts into the back stories. In this thriller, Dan takes us through intrigue, coverups, and power-hungry politicians. 

We are first introduced to Rachel Sexton the daughter of a senator that is running for president. Rachel and her father do not get along because of his past actions in the family and what she sees as greed for power and money. Rachel works for the National Reconnaissance Office or NRO. She’s what they call a “gister” which is someone that takes large amounts of data and reduces it down to a single page brief. Which in her case, she delivers to the Whitehouse. 

Rachel is called to a meet with the President without any information, but her boss at the NRO warns her that the president could be looking for her to give dirt or turn on her father. Or simply stand with him instead of her father. Once she is on her way to the meeting with the President she is blown away by where they are meeting. She’s meeting the president on Air Force One at a remote military base. 

After the meeting she finds herself on another military transport to the Milne Ice Shelf. NASA has found something that can not only save the agency but also could change the way we look at life in the universe. Once there, the suspense and intrigue begin. Rachel is blown away at the findings presented to her by a group of independent scientists. But after a tragic accident she along with a few Scientists find themselves running for their lives.  

Now, on my scale of 1 to 5, 1 being don’t bother and 5 a real page turner, I must give Deception Point, a solid, 5. This story is one heck of a page turner with a great twist at the end. 

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