Featured Tracks Playlist May 2023

Hello music fans, welcome back to my Podcast and May’s Featured Tracks Playlist. Now before we get to this month’s playlist, I’ve been working on a new CD that should be released very soon. The new CD’s is Life On The Other Side. So, keep your ears and eyes open for the new release. Now for May’s featured tracks playlist, spring is in the air so I pulled together five great tracks: Never Meant To Make You Cry, One Step Closer To You, I Can’t Say Goodbye, Know That You’re Loved, and Just Stay. To listen to the full tracks, and to find links to the playlist I’ve created go to my website, refort.co/playlist or find this playlist on my YouTube, YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora or Amazon Music sites. Let’s get to the playlist. 

Podcast – Featured Tracks Playlist May 2023

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Starting of this playlist we have Never Meant To Make You Cry: from my 2016 release I’m Gonna Let It Ride a absolutely beautiful ballad and one that I go to when I need to relax and feel the calm flow over me. In this smooth jazz ballad, I am playing the melody using a cool flute sound and my Fender Acoustic. I love the string section on this track and how its cool walking bass line adds to it. The solo on this track is killer. Let’s give Never Meant To Make You Cry a listen.

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Next up is One Step Closer To You: from my 2017 cd 10. I love this track, it’s a Smooth Jazz Ballad with a cool rhythm guitar, great drums, and a sweet melody. I keep hearing “With every breath I take I get one step closer to you”. Let’s give One Step Closer To You a listen.

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I Can’t Say Goodbye: from my 2019 CD Smooth As I Wanna Be. I started writing this track years ago as a piano only ballad. Over the years I could never find the true sounds I wanted for it until now. It has had a few names over the years and a few different vibes, but while I was working on this CD, I found its sound, name, and home. I Can’t Say Goodbye is one of my all-time favorite ballads. Let’s give I Can’t Say Goodbye a listen. 

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Know That You’re Loved: is a beautiful smooth jazz ballad from my 2020 CD Living In Strange Times. I’m playing my Fender Acoustic Electric for the melody. This track has such a cool vibe to it with its soft strings, clean drums, and a great bass guitar line. I love my piano solo with the guitar coming in to add more flavor. Let’s give Know That You’re Loved a listen.

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The last track on this playlist is, Just Stay. from my 2022 CD Told Ya. I really think is one of my best ballads. This track starts with a soft piano and drums then builds from there. I add a layer of strings, and I’m playing my Ibanez Hallow Body for that melody. As the song continues to build, I add in some horns and as the track crescendos the horns and strings are soaring with a killer guitar solo on top. Let’s give Just Stay. a listen

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Well, I hope you enjoyed the music and get a chance to listen to the full tracks on YouTube, YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora or Amazon Music and of course on my website refort.co/playlist. Thanks for listening, and as always, Without Music, Life Has No Soul.

Without Music, Life Has No Soul

I Hope you enjoy

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