Featured Tracks March 2021

Hello music fans, for the March 2021 Featured Tracks post, I’m sharing 6 tracks from my most recent releases. Smooth As I Wanna Be, Living In Strange Times, I’m Gonna Let It Ride and 10. Scroll down to the YouTube player for full length videos of each track.

I want to take you on a musical journey with this playlist. Starting with relaxing smooth tracks, to some hot blues tracks. So starting us off we have, A Walk in The Rain, a beautiful acoustic chill ballad, relaxing and smooth. Next Never Meant to Make You Cry a smooth jazz ballad that will have you grooving to the rhythms. Next up is my classic rock jam Storm Bringer, written years ago that I still love. Let’s kick it up with two hot blues tracks, Tired (Tired of not being seen) and Why Do I Keep Running Back To You, both with hot solos. We end our journey where we started, with a soft chill track No More Tears just two acoustic guitars. I hope you enjoyed this music journey and remember, Without Music Life Has No Soul.

Without Music, Life Has No Soul

I Hope you enjoy

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