Featured Music: May 2017

Featured Music: May 2017

For the month of May, I wanted to share some of my recent favorites. I’ve mixed in songs from 10, I’m Gonna Let it Ride and From Then Until Now, a total of 6 tracks, mostly ballads with the exception of Storm Bringer and From Then Until Now.

I hope you enjoy and have a Great Weekend.

10 Copyright – 2017

One Step Closer To You is smooth jazz ballad with a great groove. Storm Bringer  is a classic rock opera, for lack of a better phrase, I wrote way back in the 80’s with my late writing partner and good friend Gabe Sinohui. Check back for videos of these two tracks.

I’m Gonna Let It Ride – Copyright 2016

Your Kiss, has a soft smooth melody with a big chorus. It’s a smooth Jazz jam with a little pop feel.  Never Meant to make you Crya soft smooth groove. A ballad and Smooth jazz song with a great melody and arrangement.

From Then Until Now – Copyright 2013

From Then Until Now (full track) the title track of the release and a great Cool Jazz tune with complex chord changes and a haunting melody.  Something About Your Smile a smooth jazz ballad with a big sound. With a lush strings and horns arrangement driving this sweet ballad. 

I Hope you enjoy

Without music, Life has no soul

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