Featured Music June 2017

Featured Music: June 2017

This month I’ve put together a collection of six cool tracks. I’ve mixed in songs from 10, R.E.’s Style, From Then Until Now, one of my older CD’s Island Life and one of the few cover tunes I’ve recorded. 

I hope you enjoy and have a Great Weekend.

10 Copyright – 2017

Chasing Aries a Smooth Jazz, Blues jam with a great groove. I’m playing Fender acoustic electric for both lead and chords. Just guitars bass and drums on this one.

R.E.’s Style – Copyright 2015

Be Mine Tonight a beautiful ballad with lush strings, beautiful piano and sweet guitar lead. This is one of  favorite ballads. Jessie’s Jam is a big smooth jazz song I wrote while visiting my daughter when she lived in Las Vegas. I love the orchestration of this song.

From Then Until Now – Copyright 2013

Take My Hand  a soft ballad with a lot of heart. The piano and strings arrangement work so nice behind that rich sounding guitar lead.  


Island Life – Copyright 2008

By Request a soft ballad with a beautiful counter melody on the piano. I am playing my Fender acoustic for chords and melody. This is one of my absolute favorites on Island Life

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From the Beginning I don’t do many cover songs but this one I really enjoy playing. It’s a great song written by Greg Lake and performed by the progressive rock trio Emerson, Lake & Palmer Released back in 1972. When I covered this song I did it in two takes. Recording the chords and then the solo or lead, using my Ibanez acoustic electric.

I Hope you enjoy

Without music, Life has no soul

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