Book Review The Tenth Protocol: ANCIENT ORIGINS BOOK 5

Book Review:

The Tenth Protocol: Ancient Origins Book 5

Hello fellow readers in this book review i’m covering book 5 in the series Ancient Origins: The Tenth Protocol by Robert Storey.

The final countdown has begun and the Tenth Protocol has been activated. The evacuation of the surface is about to begin for those that are aware and have been granted access to the subterranean bases created all over the planet.  While millions of lives will be saved, billions more will be lost.

But there are some on the surface who are putting everything on the line to save those that will be left behind. Professor Steiner, along with the hacker known as B.I.C “Because I Can” and the small group B.I.C has gathered together, have come up with a plan that may save the lives of those left behind after the asteroids strike. The only problem, are they willing to sacrifice themselves and everything they believe in for the great good of mankind.

Meanwhile on the surface, the GMRC is losing it’s control over the masses. There are riots unfolding because of water and food shortages. There are reports of famous people missing and priceless pieces of art are being reported as fakes. In the US the President has called for martial law and the world stands on the brink of imploding.

This book and the series have been a great read. On my scale of 1 to 5, 1 being don’t bother and 5 a real page turner, I give The Tenth Protocol 5. The story is very captivating, fast paced and a great read for the science fiction and adventure readers.

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