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Wow what a great story Ty Hutchinson has put together here in Primo. Primo is the next in the series “A Sei Assassin Thrillers“. Sei, our hero assassin has spent the last three years searching for the daughter she thought died at birth. She finds herself working with the CIA contact that helped her escape a Turkish prison to find her daughter.  

Sei comes to the conclusion that the only person that may know where the elusive Wolf is hiding and holding her daughter, is back in the Turkish prison that almost killed her. The now disgraced warden of the prison she escaped from is now a prisoner. He is one of the few people who ever spoken with and seen the Wolf. Sei has decided to risk it all and travel back to Turkey, break in to the prison and use her skills of interrogation on the old warden. If she can convince her CIA contact to help.

Meanwhile, the Wolf has raised Mui as his daughter, training her in the ways of an assassin. Realizing that the warden is the only living soul that may have enough information to find him. He starts preparing Mui for the mission to kill the warden as her initiation into he’s group of assassins.

This story is a real page turner keeping you up at night and chewing your nails wondering what the next page has in store. On my scale of 1 to 5. 1 being don’t bother and 5 a true page turner, I give Primo a solid 4.5.

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