Book Review: The Martian

Book Review: The Martian

The Martian, Andy Weir.  Google Play link

In this review we look at the book The Martian by Andy Weir. What’s truly amazing about this book,  this is the authors first book! Amazing. I’ve read some of the reviews where they compare the story to old school survival stories, man against nature books, and I would have to agree. Placing this story on MAR’s though and having it be so plausible and believable is amazing.  I have not seen the movie yet but it is on my short list.

The story starts with Mark Watney our hero and doomed astronaut, stranded and actually presumed dead by his crew-mates and left on Mars. His situation only get worst when he realizes he has no way to contact the crew, limited food supplies and over 3 years to wait for the next ride home. Man against Mars (nature) survive or die, against all odds and with no way to phone home (yes a little E.T. reference). The story walks you through the science behind his survival, resourcefulness, his struggle to stay positive and sane during his total isolation on Mars. 

On my must read scale of 1 don’t bother and 5 a true page turner. I give The Martian a: 4 It’s a great story line and shows how the world can come together in times of need.

“I’m through – R.E.’so Style” and “Night Grooves – From then until now” two of my favorite tracks.

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