Book Review: Good Bad Psycho

Hello fellow readers. In this review, I’m covering Ty Hutchinson’s Good Bad Psycho: Fury Trilogy Book 3. In this post, I decided to re-post my July’s Featured Tracks Playlist. First up is the title track from Smooth As I Wanna Be, a great smooth jazz track that will lift you up and get you moving. Next is a beautiful track from the CD I’m Gonna Let It RideYour Kiss, this ballad/smooth jazz jam has a big sound and lots of fun. Last from the CD 10, I’ve added a great smooth jazz ballad named, One Step Closer To You. All tracks are available on your favorite download and streaming networks.

Good Bad Psycho: Fury Trilogy Book 3. (Abby Kane FBI Thriller 11)

Good Bad Psycho is the 3rd in Ty Hutchinson’s, Fury Trilogy. In this book, the team has figured out the string of crimes in San Francisco seem to be tied to an application found on the dark web. It appears that the app puts those looking to commit crimes, in contact with those that want them committed. While the team searches the dark side of the web for the creators of this application, Abby confronts one of her arch nemesis, a murder that goes by the name the Monster.

Now Abby and Kyle are under the gun to find the Monster and take down this application. As they search for leads, they even reach out to Sei, another contract killer, to see if she can help find the servers that host this application and who created it.

This book is an action-packed thrill ride with a few cool twists. On my scale of 1 to 5, 1 being do not bother and 5 a real page turner, I give Good Bad Psycho, a 5. This book is very exciting and a great read. Ty has crafted an amazing trilogy that I would suggest to any reader. 

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