Book Review: Daylight An Atlee Pine Thriller

Hello fellow readers. In this book review, I’m covering Daylight (An Atlee Pine Thriller Book 3). The music playing in this post is from my Holidays Featured Tracks Playlist. Let’s get to the review.

Daylight (An Atlee Pine Thriller Book 3)
by David Baldacci

Daylight, continues Atlee Pine search for her twin sister Mercy who was kidnapped when they where 6 years old. Atlee has received the most promising lead she has ever had, the name of her sisters kidnapper, Ito Vincenzo.

Atlee and her assistant Carol Bloom find themselves in New Jersey tracking down Ito and any of his associates. While attempting to interview and question a relative of Ito, Atlee ruins a drug bust by a military investigator in the U.S. Army’s Criminal Investigation, John Puller. John was investigating the same person for dealing drugs on a military base.

Atlee and John join forces to track down the drug dealer and to help Atlee get answers. During their joint investigation they uncover a connection between Vincenzo’s family and a large criminal enterprise full of deceit, lies and cover-ups. In the end, Atlee finally discovers the truth about what happened to Mercy but that new information shocks Atlee to her very core.

As always David Balldacci has done amazing job in this thriller. Weaving in an intense story with global implications and a true roller costar ride of excitement. On my scale of 1 to 5, 1 being do not bother and 5 a real page turner, I give Daylight, a 5. This book is a fast-paced thrill ride. I would suggest this to any reader looking for a great thriller. 

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