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Dark Descent: Ancient Origins Book 2

Hello fellow readers in this review I’m covering DARK DESCENT: Ancient Origins Book 2 by Robert Storey. This second book in the Dark Descent series starts off in our distant future, the asteroid AG5 has already struck Earth leaving the earth covered in an ash cloud. Humanity is struggling in their shared existence of live in constant darkness from the ash cloud covering the planet. With human society on the brink of falling apart, some heroes are stepping up and trying to save humanity, while other forces are tearing it down.

One of our heroes, archaeologist Sarah Morgan and her team find themselves trapped in one of the highly classified subterranean facility known as Sanctuary. Here she and her team find themselves living in an amazing underground world with simulated skies and even the weather. All the while struggling to find a way back to the surface to give proof of not only the ancient humanoid race she’s uncovered but also the very existence of these amazing underground facilities and their secrets.

Meanwhile on the surface the BBC reporter, Jessica Klein, struggles to unlock the mystery of the GMRC. Why they are diverting vital resources to programs that no one knows anything about and why are people dispersing. With each new discovery, she finds her life in danger. Along with these story-lines, our writer adds yet another parallel story, Professor Steiner leader of the now sabotaged subterranean facility code-named Steadfast and Richard Goodwin a military leader of Steadfast struggle to escape the facility to save its inhabitants and possibly all of humility.

This book, and from what I can tell, the series is a true science fiction thrill ride. On my scale of 1 to 5, 1 being don’t bother and 5 a real page turner, I give Dark Descent: Ancient Origins Book 2 a solid 4. The story is a captivating, fast paced and engaging.

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