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1. Be-mine-tonight     

The song Be mine tonight, is from my latest release,  R.E.’s Style and is an example of how sometimes a song just comes to you. Be mine tonight is one of those songs and one of my favorites on R.E.’s Style. 🙂 It was Thanksgiving. After spending the day with family and friends, I sat at the piano and played those chords. I fell in love with this song right then. Grabbing my tablet, opening Sound Cloud, I started writing and recording.


I would love to say that “later in the studio the rest just fell into place”, but the truth is, a lot of time was spent orchestrating this song. Working on what I call the canvas of this song. The canvas is everything else that you hear and feel in a song. In this one the string section is at times soft and others moving, building or driving the song forward. To help that movement I doubled what I played on the bass guitar with a Cello on some sections. The guitar solo was done using my trusty Fender Stratocaster. Check out the other tracks here.

I hope you enjoy.

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