August Featured Tracks Playlist

For this month’s Featured Tracks Playlist, I wanted to put up some cool ballads and smooth jazz jams and also share them on my YouTube Channel. Three of the four tracks on this playlist are full length tracks. The sample track is the title track from my newest, Smooth As I Wanna Be. Make sure you subscribe to my channel, and follow me, like or share on your favorite social media links below. The tracks in this post are some of my favorites spanning three of my latest releases Smooth As I Wanna Be © 2019 R.E. Fort, 10 © 2017 R.E. Fort and I’m Gonna Let It Ride © 2016 R.E. Fort. Let’s get to the music.

First up is a the the title track from the new CD Smooth As I Wanna Be, a great smooth jazz jam I simply love. Next up is a beautiful ballad with a great feel and groove to it from the CD 10, One Step Closer To You. Next, I Miss You a very beautiful ballad with beautiful arrangement of strings, piano and guitar and lastly Your Kiss from I’m Gonna Let It Ride A great smooth jazz jam that has a great groove, big sound and moving bass line.

I hope you enjoy these tracks as much as I have writing and listening to them. Give them a listen and please, let me know what you think on the contact me link below the players.

Without Music Life Has No Soul

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Featured Tracks Playlist August 2019
Featured Tracks Playlist August 2019

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Without Music, Life Has No Soul

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