Featured Music August 2017

Featured Music: August 2017

This month I’ve put together a collection of six tracks. A mix of samples and full songs from three of my latest CD’s, 10,  I’m Gonna Let It Ride and R.E.’s Style. The tracks range from Smooth Jazz, Blues too Ballads. I’ve also included a ballad written for my Grandson Tyson, Tyson’s Lullaby to celebrate his first Birthday.

I hope you enjoy

10 – Copyright – 2017

Chasing Aries, this track is really one of my favorites on 10 because of its simplicity, just guitars and drums. The song was one of the first written for the CD and I love the chord changes, walking bass line and melody. One Step Closer To You  A smooth jazz ballad with a great grove to it. I keep hearing in the chorus of the song, “With every breath I take, I get one step closer to you.”  Make It A Double, is one of those tracks where I blend a little blues with a smooth jazz groove. This track is so much fun and really gets you tapping you feet. Lastly Tyson’s Lullaby a sweet lullaby ballad that really expressed the feeling of love for my Grandson now turning 1 years old.

Happy Birthday little man. Papa loves you.

I’m Gonna Let It Ride – Copyright – 2016



I’m Gonna Let It Ride, This blues track is also the title for the CD. In this track I am really having a blast playing the Guitars, bass guitar and such a blast programming the drums. The walking bass line was a blast to write and nailing down the mix between the drums, bass, chords and two different lead guitars was a blast. 

R.E.’s Style – Copyright – 2015


It’s Always Been You , this beautiful ballad, as you can tell was written on the piano. It’s a big song with a simple feel to it. The string arrangement keeps the music moving with the walking bass line. The melody, played on my Fender acoustic electric and the lead or solo guitar work near the end, played on the Stratocaster. I love the arrangement on this track.


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I Hope you enjoy

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