The Guitar wall’s newest member

The newest member to my guitar family is the 2018 Gibson SG Special. Last weekend I thought I’d hit up my local Guitar Center for a cable and some other gear. But when I walked in the store and saw this beauty, and well it was love at first sight. This beauty is a satin finish natural wood guitar with mini humbucker pickups that sound awesome.

My very first electric guitar was an SG, purchased by my parents back in 1978 or 79 while I was in high-school. I believe it was an Epiphone and for years, I’ve wanted another SG. So you can imagine how excited I was when I saw this SG.

My first guitars, back in 1978 or 79

Now the only problem I have is, I need more wall space to hang it. Oh the problems we guitar players and collectors have. LOL

Guitar collection

* 2018 Gibson SG Special
* 1988 American made Fender Stratocaster
* Ibanez Hollow body
* Schafer Hollow Body
* Cort bass
* Fender Acoustic electric
* Ibanez Acoustic electric
* Ibanez Nylon
* Traveler Ultra Light

Without Music, Life Has No Soul

I Hope you enjoy

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