Septembers Featured Tracks Playlist

For my Septembers Featured Tracks Playlist, I wanted to shine a light on my CD 10. 10, is now streaming on your favorite services iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Pandora and others. So, I thought for this playlist, why not select tracks from 10.

The Tracks

First up is an amazing Jazz ballad, One Step Closer To You. I love this tracks smooth mix of the piano, rhythm guitar and bass guitar. The piano and guitar solos are very cool, just a great song.

Next is the jazzy track, Make It A Double. This track features, guitars, piano, synth and drums. The rhythm is captivating I find myself tapping my foot or bobbing my head every time I hear it. The melody and solos are hot and fun.

Next is Highway 101. This jazz track reminds me of a smoky club listening to a quartet do their thing. The Piano, Bass Guitar and Drummer holding down the rhythm while the guitar can play in the space. I love the piano solo in this track and how the guitar plays right into it.

Next is a great cool jazz track that so cool I named it, So Cool. This track just gets it done. This track has great rhythm guitar work with accents harmonics played on the bass guitar. It’s a clean and groovy track, keeping it simple with just, Bass, Drums, Rhythm Guitar, and Solo Guitar work. This track is fun and is, so cool.

I hope you enjoy these tracks as much as I have writing and listening to them. Give them a listen and please, let me know what you think either here, or on your favorite music streaming or social media site.

The Player

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I Hope you enjoy

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