Book Review: Clean House Book 7

Hello I’m R E Fort and welcome to my Book Reviews podcast. In this review, I’m covering the 7th book in the Ty Hutchinson series A Sei Thriller, the book is named Clean House. The track behind my voice in this post is Day and Night from my most recent CD Told Ya. You can find this CD and others on all music streaming services and all my music can be found on my website Let’s get to the review.

Book Review of Clean House

In this book Sei has survived the first onslaught of assassins and money hungry gang members looking to cash in on the $50 million dollar contract on her head. She has made it out of the US and is on the run with a young assassins named Jeong-Ja who changed her mind and joined Sei in her quest to find and kill the man that put the contract on her head, Ethon Carmotte.  

Sei and her friend are now trying to stay alive long enough to find Ethon, and end this contract before someone gets lucky and kills them both. The story opens with Sei in search of a hacker named, Kratica. The one person that may have the skills to track Ethon down.  

As Sei and her friend travel around the world leaving false leads to through Ethon off their track. They continue their search for Kratica. They fight off assassins bent on making their name by killing her. While Ethon, rebuilds his inner circle with two new assassins as his new top men. Each of them are extremely capable assassin’s and one that Sei has dealt with before. Each of them are willing to take anyone out that will allow them to get them close to Sei. 

This story is one heck of a page turner. I found myself reading some of the chapters over again just for the thrill ride. Now, on my scale of 1 to 5, 1 being don’t bother and 5 a real page turner, I have to give Clean House, a solid, 5. As I have said before about Ty, he has created a very captivating series with these characters and great character development and this book is a great example of that.
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