I miss you – “I’m gonna let it ride” 2016

I miss you


[Copyright by R.E Fort 2016]

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I miss you from the album I’m gonna let it ride is one of four beautiful ballads on that release. For this track I went back to the piano and started writing. Looking for that perfect chord progression to fit the music and the mood I felt while this song was spinning around in my head. As I started recording the song, working out solos and breaks. I decided to let the guitar drive only the melody for the song and do a piano solo instead. The more I listen to this track the more I love it. The string arrangement and the drums on this song took a lot of time getting just the right feel. I wanted I miss you, to have an open sound space, simple and clean. 

This song is about love lost, a soul that aches for the one that slipped away.

I hope you enjoy

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