Featured Tracks May 2020

For May’s featured tracks playlist, I wanted to hear some upbeat and cool tracks. This playlist of 4 video tracks can do just that. Lift you up and get you moving. With social distancing our new standard and so many of us celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and other events during this time in isolation. I thought why not post 4 full tracks streamed from my YouTube channel.

The tracks in this post are: “Why do I keep Running back To You” from my CD “Smooth As I Wanna Be”. “Storm Bringer” from my CD “10”. The title track from “I’m Gonna Let It ride” and lastly, another track from 10 “Chasing Aries” .

All four tracks from in this post can be found on your favorite streaming and download services. 

I hope you enjoy the post and tracks.

Without Music, Life Has No Soul

I Hope you enjoy

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