Featured Tracks Playlist: February 2019

For February’s playlist I wanted to share with you lovers of music some beautiful ballads to listen to with your special someone. So, for this month I’ve grouped together 6 of my favorites and this was a hard selection to make. I’ve also put together a special collection below the player so if you love the tracks listed you can purchase them in one step. As always this tracks are also available on my Google Play Store page

First, One Step Closer To You from the CD 10. Next, It’s Always Been You and Be Mine Tonight, from the CD R.E.’s Style. Next You’re Still On My Mind and Take My Hand, from the CD From Then Until Now and Lastly Never Too Far Away, from the CD Life On An Endless Loop.

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Featured Tracks Playlist
Featured Tracks Playlist
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Each month I update this playlist, to share a cool playlist of tracks at a special price. 

Without Music Life Has No Soul

Without Music, Life Has No Soul

I Hope you enjoy

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