Featured Music – January 2016

Featured Music – January 2016re-and-guitars-2

Happy New Years

may 2016 bring you and your’s happiness, health and prosperity.

Let’s kick off the 2016’s featured music post with Be mine tonight a soft ballad from R E’s Style . Next a few remix’s, From then until now, Endless, from Life on an endless loop and From dusk till dawn from MrRE. Rounding out the featured tracks for 2016 Groovy from Life on and endless loop and Night grooves from From then until now

I hope you enjoy

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Without music, life has no soul

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R E Fort

Guitarist, keyboardist and songwriter. I picked up the guitar at 10 years old and never stopped playing. I started taking real interest in piano/keyboards my first year in high school in California. During high school and college I sang in choirs and played in a number of rock and jazz bands. As a composer my music spans a number of genres from blues, smooth jazz, ballads and rock. My motto: Without Music Life Has No Soul.

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