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mime-Hollow-Body-3Happy Holidayssometimes you just have to play

Happy holidays to all. I hope you have an amazing time with friends and family.  I’m busy getting reaching for the holidays, making plans and shopping for gifts for the family. I am also working on my next CD, getting it ready for copyright and release. I can’t believe it but I am on my ninth CD, and I think best one yet. Keep checking back for updates I may go ahead and release a few sneak peeks soon. 

In the meantime.

Here are two of my favorite ballads I recently decided to go back and remix.

“From dusk till dawn” from the CD MrRE and “From then until now” title track of From then until now.


I hope you enjoy 

Without music, Life has no soul 


Remixing or re-mastering a song

Looking back at older tracks that moved me then and still do, some of them I feel most be left as is, but others, I just have to go back and make them better.

So on to the processes and a bit about what software I use. I have been a Sonar or Cakewalk guy since the early days of MIDI. Sonar or Cakewalk is digital audio and midi recording program. I record my audio tracks such as guitars and vocals with and all others sounds are recorded as midi, using a keyboard (more about midi later). The two songs in this post are mostly audio, so for each audio track I listen for where they fall in the mix. Does it have to many f/x’s or not enough. From there I may mute all other instruments and listen just to the guitars, bass, chords and leads. Mixing them together to almost stand alone.

Next I listen to each midi track and the instruments I selected for the track. We are talking about the drum set, piano, and strings or orchestra sounds. Now I will start working on the main part of any canvas, the rhythm section Drums, Bass guitar and Rhythm guitar. Adjusting them to add that magical space where I can layer in the solo and melody sounds. As I keep mixing and sliding things up and down, left to right, softer or louder I get a feel for that sweet spot where everything comes together, like in these two songs.

I hope you enjoy the music and thanks for reading

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