Featured Tracks Playlist November 2018

Featured Tracks Playlist November 2018

For November’s playlist, I wanted to listen to some upbeat smooth jazz and blues tracks from my catalog. These four tracks are from some of my most recent CD’s. The music represented in this playlist are, So Cool, from the CD 10 © 2017,  Jessie’s Jam, from the CD R.E.’s Style © 2015, Night Grooves, from the CD, From Then Until Now © 2013 and the title track I’m Gonna Let It Ride, from I’m Gonna Let It Ride © 2016.

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Without Music, Life Has No Soul


The Tracks

So Cool

So Cool” from 10 © by R.E. Fort. 2017. Genre: Smooth Jazz.

Jessie's Jam

Jessie’s Jam” from R.E.’s Style © by R.E. Fort. 2015. Genre: Smooth Jazz.

Night Grooves

Night Grooves” from From Then Until Now © by R.E. Fort. 2012. Genre: Smooth Jazz

I’m Gonna Let It Ride” from I’m Gonna Let It Ride © by R.E. Fort. 2016. Genre: Blues.

Without Music, Life Has No Soul

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