Book Review: Dumb Move Book 6

Hello I’m R E Fort and welcome to my Book Reviews podcast. In this review, I’m covering the 6th book in the Ty Hutchinson series A Sei Thriller, Dumb Move. The track behind my voice in this post is I’m Gonna Let It Ride from my 2016 CD I’m Gonna Let It Ride. This track, the CD and others are available on all music streaming services and all my music can be found on my website Let’s get to the review.

Book Review of Dumb Move

In this review I am covering Dumb Move by Ty Hutchinson. Let’s recap, Sei is a reformed or reforming assassin that now has a 50 million dollar contract on her head. Everybody is after her and she has only a week to figure out how to survive.

Throughout this series, Ty weaves the characters and separate story’s of Sei, Mui her daughter and a FBI agent named Abby Kane, into three different series of action packed thrill rides.

In Dumb Move, Sei has let the world think that she failed in rescuing and saving her daughter Mui from Ethan Carmotte a underworld king pin that happens to be Mui’s father. But in fact, Sei saved her and has hidden her with Abby in San Francisco. But Ethan isn’t stratified with that, and want’s Sei dead.

With a 50 million dollar price tag on her head, anyone and everyone is after her. She has no choice but to make her way from San Francisco, to New York. To the one person that may be able to help her find Ethan before her luck runs out.

This book is a real action packed thrill ride but if you’re squeamish at all, fair warning you are reading the story of an assassin and this book has a fair amount of gore and graphic violence. Just to be clear though, the violence doesn’t take away from the story at all and in fact it helps drive it.

Ok, on my scale of 1 to 5, 1 being don’t bother and 5 a real page turner. I have to give Dumb Move a solid, 5. This is an action packed thrill ride and a great story. Ty really has developed this character and Sei is one bad ass.

I’m Gonna Let It Ride.

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I Hope you enjoy

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