Book Review: Bones Don’t Lie (Morgan Dane Book 3)

Hello fellow readers. In this review, I’m covering the third book in the (Morgan Dane Series Bones Don’t Lie) by Melinda Leigh. In this story, an old car is being pulled out of a lake near Scarlet Falls. When the car is retrieved from the bottom of the lake, it turns out to be Lances’s fathers car. Once the police open the trunk of the car, the human remains of a young woman are found and our teams lives are forever changed. The team must investigate the murder of this young women and find the truth of what happened to Lances’s father over 20 years ago.

Lance has been without his father since he was 10 years old. He and his mother have always wondered what happened to him, but to this day both cannot believe that he would abandoned his family. Shortly after the car and the remains of the young woman are found people who knew her and Lances’s father start dying, leaving the police to suspect Lance’s father as the killer of the young woman and anyone who knew her.

Melinda is an excellent story teller giving the reader characters you immediately root for. On my scale of 1 to 5, 1 being don’t bother and 5 a real page turner, I give Bones Don’t Lie a solid 5. This is a captivating, fast paced story and a great read. I am looking forward to reading more from Melinda Leigh.

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Highway 101
Highway 101 Feels like a track you’d hear in some cool jazz club listening to a quartet having some fun. I love the sound of my hollow body guitar, and the acoustic solo at the end. From my release, 10. By R.E. Fort. © Copyright: 2017. Genre = Blues

Make It A Double This one just rocks, blues mixed with a cool smooth jazz groove. I love the second solo, chord changes and drum tracks. From my release, 10. By R.E. Fort. © Copyright: 2017.  Genre = Smooth Jazz

Chasing Aries
Chasing Aries Unplugged, just guitars, bass guitar with some cool drums. This one was the first song I started writing for this album. I’m playing my Fender acoustic electric for rhythm and solo’s. From my release, 10. By R.E. Fort. © Copyright: 2017. Genre = Blues + Smooth Jazz

So Cool
So Cool This track is one of those cool jazz jams that gets your feet moving. A cool jazz jam so cool I had to name it So cool. From my release, 10. By R.E. Fort. © Copyright: 2017.  Genre = Smooth Jazz

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