I’m Gonna Let It Ride – New music release

I’m Gonna Let It Ride

I’m gonna let it ride is my ninth album, it was such a joy to write and to me some of my best work to date. Seven of the eight tracks are brand new, a cool mix of Ballads, Blues and Smooth Jazz. Check out Never meant to make you cry, I miss you and the title track I’m gonna let it ride. The one classic track on this album Summer Love, I wrote well, to long ago for me to have just released this beautiful ballad. It’s full of guitar picking and some amazing strings and orchestra sounds.

I hope you enjoy the ride.

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Copyright © by R E Fort 2016

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The tracks

Never meant to make you cry
I’m gonna let it ride
I miss you
Your kiss
The way you move
The Rhythm
Summer Love


Copyright © by R E Fort 2016

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