Featured Tracks Playlist November 2019

Hello music fans.

For November’s playlist I wanted to listen to tracks from my most recent CD, Smooth As I Wanna Be. So, I’ve pulled together 4 tracks of my favorites from Smooth As I Wanna Be.

This CD is currently only available here on my music store but soon will be available on all streaming networks like my CD 10 is. So, Keep checking back here and on my social media sites for updates on when, Smooth As I Wanna Be will be finally and fully released. For now, lets get to the music.

The Tracks

To start things off, I’ve added the title track Smooth As I Wanna Be © 2019 to this playlist. This is such great smooth jazz ballad with a great orchestration. In this track I wanted to have a great groove with a cool guitar solo and a piano solo. The orchestration of this track is beautiful, with a mix of strings, piano and that great bass line.

Next up is one of my favorite ballads I Can’t Say Goodbye © 2019. I wrote this track years ago but I’ve held off on releasing it until I found the right sound or orchestration and sound. I love the final product, its has such a great clean sound of, piano, strings, drums, bass guitar and acoustic guitar for the melody and solo work.

Next, is a track I wrote with my brother Keith Fort, Strangers In Love © 2019. This ballad is beautiful with the simple sound of a piano, strings and the haunting melody. Thanks Keith for letting me run with this one.

And the final track on this playlist is a fun uptempo track I’ve named, The Sun Is Shining © 2019. This track is just a good pop/smooth jazz track that’s just a lot of fun to groove on.


I hope you enjoy the music.

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I Hope you enjoy

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