Featured Tracks November 2020

Hello music lovers. What a year it has been, but each day we are closer to the end of this terrible year. Just remember, We Are Stronger Together. For some, like my family, October has been very hard, but we will persevere and make it through these strange times. Together we can find a way to come together, beat this virus, put down the social unrest and build a better country. Just remember MASK UP and VOTE. Mask Up, not for you or your loved ones, but for all of us. Do your part, MASK UP and VOTE.

Okay in this Featured Tracks post, I put five beautiful tracks of music from two CD’s, Living in Strange Times, and Smooth as I Wanna Be. First up from the CD Living in Strange Times, is Far From Home next Let me Take You Away and Know That You’re Loved. From the CD, Smooth As I Wanna Be, I’ve added I Can’t Say Goodbye and No More Tears. All five tracks are touching ballads with a smooth feel and a cool grooves that will lift you up. 

These tracks can be found on your favorite streaming and download services. Click play on either of the players below to listen to the tracks. I hope you enjoy.

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Without Music, Life Has No Soul

I Hope you enjoy

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