Book Review: Divine Justice

Divine Justice, what a great follow-up to the cliff hanger Stone Cold. The story picks up with our hero Oliver Stone escaping after taking his revenge on those who had killed his wife, taken his baby-daughter from him, and would continue to hunt him down and try to kill him. With his past put to rest, Oliver makes the tough decision to leave his home and friends behind to protect them from the wrath that he knows is sure to follow him. 

He leaves DC on a train headed south to get lost and find a new life when he’s awakened by what sounds like a fight. Looking over he sees three against one. Oliver finds himself saving Danny from the beating the three others were putting on him only to be kicked off the training with Danny and the others. Short on money and wanting to help this young man, they travel together to Danny’s small town home of Divine.

In Divine, Oliver finds himself in the middle of murders, mystery and intrigue. Someone has been trying to kill Danny and his friends. The entire town seems wrong to Oliver and no matter how hard he try’s to leave he find’s himself pulled deeper in. Finally giving up and working to save Danny and his mother Abby.

Meanwhile another ghost of Oliver’s past rises to power back in DC and is set on putting an end to Oliver’s life. Former army three-star Macklin Hayes recruits a hunter, named Knox to find and report back on Oliver’s location. Knox begins questioning the members of his Camel Club and soon is hot on the trail of Oliver.

This story has as many twist and turns as your best roller coaster ride, with a mind-blowing ending. 

On my must read scale of 1 don’t bother and 5 a true page turner. I give Divine Justice a 5

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