For all the Good Times

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For all the Good Times
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For all the Good Times
Duration:3:54   Year:2022
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For All The Good Times – Jazz+Funk 

Temp: 90 Time Signature: 6/8

For all the good times, This track is just fun. I love playing cool licks on the guitar and keyboards, talking back and forth to each other. In this track they are in a conversation. The walking bass sets the rules for the conversation. I’m playing the chords on the Rhodes piano sounds and the melody is the Grand Piano sound. The guitar melody and solo is played on the Gibson SG the chords on the Fender Acoustic Eclectic. While writing this track I almost named it Just for Fun but as time went by I realized we needed something different something to remind us of the good times, and this track reminds me those great times.


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R E Fort

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