Blues Ain’t Blue Enough

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Blues Ain't Blue Enough
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Blues Ain’t Blue Enough
Duration:3:52   Year:2022
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Blues Ain’t Blue Enough – Blues

Temp: 90 Time Signature: 6/8

Blues Ain’t Blue Enough, I’m playing the Fender Stratocaster for the melody and solo. The blues walking bass in this track is just cool. On the keyboard side I ‘m playing the piano chords using the Grand Piano sound, the Hammond Organ sound is covering the melody and keyboard solo. This track has some very cool drum programming. Just the four instruments on this great blues track. While this is a blues track it also feels like a sad ballad. At one point during my writing phase I was looking at naming this track Can’t You See. When I was letting my son Chris, an amazing pianist listen to the track he said “Blue’s Ain’t Blue enough for this track dad” and so it was named. 

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R E Fort

Guitarist, keyboardist and songwriter. My motto: Without Music Life Has No Soul.

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