I’m Gonna Let It Ride © 2016

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I'm Gonna Let It Ride © 2016
I’m Gonna Let It Ride © 2016
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I’m Gonna Let It Ride Copyright © 2016 by R E Fort.

This album was such a joy to write. Seven of the eight tracks are brand new, a cool mix of Ballads, Blues and Smooth Jazz. Check out Never meant to make you cry and the title track I’m gonna let it ride for a mix of Blues and Smooth Jazz. I wrote Summer Love, well to long ago to have just release it. I came across some amazing string or orchestra sounds and had to work them in. I miss you is in my opinion one of my very best ballads.  

Without Music, Life Has No Soul 

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Guitarist, keyboardist and songwriter. www.refort.co My motto: Without Music Life Has No Soul.

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