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Cover tunes 2014
Cover tunes 2014
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Spooky’s been covered by a lot of musicians over the years. I didn’t know this but it was first released (according to google) in 1968 by Classics IV.  Interesting Wikipedia shows that this was an instrumental first written by Mike Shapiro and Harry Middlebrooks Jr in 1967. I think I first heard it way back in 1979 by Atlanta Rhythm Section and it’s been either a warm up or go to jam song for me ever since.

Smooth operator

One of my favorite tunes by Sade. I found a MIDI file of the song and after doing some tweaking to get the right sounds in place, removing content I didn’t like and adding some of my own, I picked up my guitars and hit record. I am playing the melody using my Ibanez nylon acoustic/electric guitar. This give the melody a smooth rich sound I love. My baby, the Fender Stratocaster is handling the solo work. This is the first take of the song and I think I may do another run at it soon and I think I will be doing more covers of other great songs in the future.

Stairway to Heaven

Growing up in Southern California back when I did if you played the guitar, you had to play Stairway to Heaven and is one of my all time favorite songs to play. Led Zeppelin’s classic rock tune composed by the great guitarist Jimmy Page and vocalist Robert Plant. My recording was completely by accident. I had just put new strings on my Ibanez acoustic/electric and started to play the song. The guitar and the song sounded so good I hit record and then recorded the solo on the second take. Such a great song.

From the Beginning 

Here is a another great song, written by Greg Lake and performed by the progressive rock trio Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Released back in 1972. I don’t remember hearing it back then but by the time I was in high school I had to learn it and have played my version of it ever since.

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