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Featured Tracks January 2021

In this months Featured Track Playlist I am sharing 5 tracks from my three most recently released CD’s. Those CD’s are, Living In Strange Times, 10 and I’m Gonna Let It Ride. The tracks in this post, I hope will help lift us all up and get you moving.

Starting off this playlist is the title track Living In Strange Times. Next up from the CD 10, So Cool, a great cool smooth jazz track. To keep the grove going I’ve added My Haunted Mind from Living In Strange Times and from the CD 10, Make It A Double. Finally, the title track and a great blues jam, I’m Gonna Let It Ride.

Without Music, Life Has No Soul

I Hope you enjoy

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R E Fort

Guitarist, keyboardist and songwriter. www.refort.co My motto: Without Music Life Has No Soul.


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