Featured Tracks – December 2015

Featured Tracks – December 2015re-strat-music

Happy Holidays

December’s featured tracks or EP is a collection of smooth soft jams to help get us into the holiday spirit. So, to start things off lets look at the remix of  From dusk till dawn a ballad is from the CD MrRE with a beautiful piano, soft strings and a beautiful acoustic guitar melody. Next we go back to my first CD for two tracks, Cheryl’s song named after and wrote for my wife and is a soothing mellow ballad with cool effects, and a nice melody. Astra also from my first CD is a new age tune to sit back and relax with.  Another remix this time for the song, From then until now, off the CD of the same name, I recently release on YouTube and remixed.  Never too far away from the CD Life on an endless loop is a wonderful ballad that I actually sing on, well I am singing the title ;-). And From the CD Strings and Keys, is Whispers.

All six tracks are available for $5.00 


Without music, life has no soul

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