Book Review Revelations: Ancient Origins Book 1

Hello fellow readers in this review I’m covering Revelations Ancient Origins Book 1 by Robert Storey. This science fiction thriller starts off in our distant future, an asteroid is projected to strike the Earth in the year 2040. The strike is projected to hit off the coast of Africa and while the fallout of the strike has been speculated to cast our world into darkness for 10 years it’s reported that its not an extinction level event, or so we’re being told. Plans have been in the works for a number of years preparing the worlds population for the effects of the strike. Formed by the UN, a group known as the Global Meteor Response Council or the GMRC,  was created on the surface to prepare the would for the strike. Unknown to the rest of the world the GMRC has been creating massive subterranean facilities across the global.

Meanwhile an archaeologist named Sarah Morgan has found remains of, what until now has never been seen. An advanced ancient human ancestor, she’s calling Homo Gigantic. However with each new discovery, her artifacts are stolen or destroyed by a secret agency. But Sarah and her team continue their search for definitive proof of this advanced human ancestor.

This book, and from what I can tell, the series is a true science fiction fast paced, adventure thrill ride. Giving us a view into our distant future a look in the darkness of some souls and the bright light of others. On my scale of 1 to 5, 1 being don’t bother and 5 a real page turner, I give Revelations Ancient Origins Book 1 a solid 4. The story is a captivating, fast paced and engaging.

The 4 sample tracks plus the music for this podcast, Make It A Double, are from the new CD 10 By R.E. Fort. © Copyright: 2017

The Tracks

Highway 101
Highway 101 Feels like a track you’d hear, in some cool jazz club listening to a quartet having some fun. I love the sound of my hollow body guitar, and the acoustic solo at the end. From my release, 10. By R.E. Fort. © Copyright: 2017. Genre = Blues

Make It A Double This one just rocks, blues mixed with a cool smooth jazz groove. I love the second solo, chord changes and drum tracks. From my release, 10. By R.E. Fort. © Copyright: 2017.  Genre = Smooth Jazz

One Step Closer To You  I love this ballad, it has such a smooth rhythm and a sweet melody. I keep hearing “With every breath I take, I get one step closer to you”. Genre = Smooth Jazz+Ballad

So Cool
So Cool This track is one of those cool jazz jams that gets your feet moving. A cool jazz jam so cool I had to name it So cool. From my release, 10. By R.E. Fort. © Copyright: 2017.  Genre = Smooth Jazz

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