Book Review: Hells Corner

In this review we’re covering Hells Corner the last in the Camel Club series. What an amazing book and series. Our hero John Carr aka Oliver Stone is back in DC and standing in Lafayette Park in front of the White House. Inside, the British prime minister is being honored at a state dinner. As the prime minister is leaving the event the unthinkable  happens, a bomb explodes in the park. With his new connection in the White House and in the aftermath of the explosion, Stone is brought back into working for the government and given an urgent assignment: find those responsible.

We are introduced to British MI-6 agent Mary Chapman who becomes his partner in the search for the unknown attackers. But their opponents are skilled, and increasingly lethal. At every turn it seems they are a step behind and with leads drying up fast they have to find and bring to justice the parties involved if only to make sure nothing more serious is planned. Oliver ever trying to protect his friends, try’s to distance himself from the Camel Club but soon finds he needs them more than ever.

This story will keep you on the edge of your seat up late into the night turning pages until dawn. I hope David Baldacci brings this series back it has been an amazing read. 

On my must read scale of 1 don’t bother and 5 a true page turner. I give Hells Corner a 5

Here’s a track from  R.E.’s Style my blues jam  I’m Through hope you enjoy.

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