Book Review: Genome

Hello fellow readers. In this review I’m covering the last book of A.G. Riddle’s The Extinction Files series Genome. As I mentioned in my last review, if you have been following my blog and book reviews, you’ve probably read a few of my reviews of this great story-teller.

This book continues where Pandemic left off. The world has just narrowly missed an extinction level event in the form of a man-made and released virus. The cure was held back until a very large population of the earth was infected and either dead or dying. However the cure that has saved so many has a terrible secret, it contains Nantes, capable of altering the DNA and minds of those that have received it. 

Now with the cure released Dr. Peyton Shaw, her mother and the rest of the team are on an urgent hunt for clues left 30 years ago by a Dr Kraus that unlock the mystery of our very existence and hopeful stop the endgame of those that released the virus on an unsuspecting world.

The story is mind-bending and takes us all over the world. Introducing us to a world where technology can alter one’s perception and thinking.  On my scale of 1 to 5, 1 being don’t bother and 5 a real page turner, I give Genome a solid 5. This story is captivating, fast paced and full of surprises. I highly recommend this one for all you A. G. Riddle fans and even if you’re not a fan, you wont be disappointed.

The music playing on this post are 5 sample tracks from the new CD 10

Chasing Aries
Chasing Aries Unplugged, just guitars, bass guitar with some cool drums. This one was the first song I started writing for this album. I’m playing my Fender acoustic electric for rhythm and solo’s. Genre = Blues + Smooth Jazz

Storm Bringer
 Storm Bringer A classic rock opera I wrote back in the 80’s with my late writing partner and good friend Gabe Sinohui. After years of playing this track without the band, I felt it was time to re-record this with just piano, strings, guitars, and some cool drums. Genre = Soft Rock

Make It A Double This one just rocks, blues mixed with a cool smooth jazz groove. I love the second solo, chord changes and drum tracks. Genre = Smooth Jazz

One Step Closer To You I love this track, it has such a smooth rhythm and a sweet melody. I keep hearing “With every breath I take I get one step closer to you”. Genre = Smooth Jazz+Ballad

So Cool
So Cool This track is one of those cool jazz jams that gets your feet moving. A cool jazz jam so cool I had to name it So cool. Genre = Smooth Jazz

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