Book Review: Contract Endgame (Sei Thriller Book 5)

Hello fellow readers. In this book review, I’m covering the 5th book in Ty Hutchinson series of Sei Thrillers: Contract Endgame. The music playing in this post is from my Novembers Featured Tracks Playlist. Let’s get to the review.

Contract Endgame (Sei Thriller Book 5)
by Ty Hutchinson

In Contract: Endgame, Sei’s has found her daughter Mui. One problem, she at the heavily guarded mountain top compound where she was raised. And the Wolf knows Sei is coming.

The plan, Sei and Kostas plan to use the assassin they captured to get Sei to the compound and rescue Mui. Their captive now a friend, doesn’t want Mui to go through what The Wolf put him through. He has decided to help them save Mui, the little girl he looks at as a little sister. Once on the mountain things change dramatically. No spoilers here.

As they try to make it off the mountain they find themselves pinned down by snippers, the Wolf’s and more assassins. Sei has to make the hardest choice she has ever made, give up Mui and allow herself to be captured to make sure Mui is free.

Ty has done amazing job in this thriller. Weaving in an intense story that takes us on a roller costar ride of excitement. On my scale of 1 to 5, 1 being do not bother and 5 a real page turner, I give Contract Endgame, a 5. This book is a fast-paced thrill ride. I would suggest this to any reader looking for a great thriller. 

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